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RWC Usage Policies

You can make, cancel, or modify appointments by logging into the scheduling system at

Please note that you can only cancel an appointment up to two hours before the actual appointment. If you are canceling an appointment on the day of the session, please email, so we can give the time to another student who needs it.

If a student doesn't show up to an appointment 10 minutes into the session, he/she is marked as a 'no-show'.

This means that their booking privileges on the Writing Centre website will be rescinded and they won't be able to log into the system.

If a student has a fair reason for not attending a session, then his/her booking privileges can be restored on the site, by the administrative assistant in the Writing Centre.

If a student's booking privileges have been rescinded, he/she can still pop into the Writing Centre and avail of any sessions that were either not booked, cancelled or to which another student didn't show up. All free sessions are posted on the Writing Centre's Facebook page.

The current booking policy means that students are given their booking privileges back at the beginning of a new semester. This policy is reviewed on an ongoing basis and is subject to change in the future.

You can only have one peer tutoring session booked at a time in the Writing Centre.

 Anytime a student is found to have made more than one appointment at a time the later appointment will be cancelled and the tutee notified by email immediately.

Documents uploaded to Appointments are not read ahead of time by the tutor. The tutor is paid only for work they do in the session. Any reading that they do they do in the session. They are students like yourselves, busy with their own studies, not available to you outside of the tutoring session. Do not contact our tutors outside of the tutoring time.