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  • Power, M., Devereux, E. and Haynes, A. (2016) 'Reasonable People VS. The Sinister Fringe: Interrogating the framing of Ireland’s water charge protestors through the media politics of dissent'. Critical Discourse Studies 13(3):261-277.
  • Carr, J,Haynes, A (2015) 'A Clash of Racializations: The Policing of 'Race' and of Anti-Muslim Racism in Ireland'. Critical Sociology, 41:21-40.
  • Neville, P., O' Dwyer, M. and Power, M. (2014) 'The Social Value of Community-Based Adult Education in Limerick City'. The Adult Learner: The Irish Journal Of Adult And Community Education, 42-56.
  • O'Flynn, M, Monaghan, LF,Power, MJ (2014) 'Scapegoating During a Time of Crisis: A Critique of Post-Celtic Tiger Ireland'. Sociology, 48(5):921-937.
  • Power, MJ, Neville, P,Devereux, E,Haynes, A,Barnes, C (2013) ''Why bother seeing the world for real?': Google Street View and the representation of a stigmatised neighbourhood'. New Media & Society, 15: 1022-1040.
  • O' Donoghue, M. (2013) 'Putting working class mothers in their place: Social stratification, the field of education and Pierre Bourdieu's theory of practice'. British Journal Of Sociology Of Education, 34(2): 190-207.
  • Marron, A., Burke, G., Breen, M. and Devereux, E. (2013) 'Maternity Services in the Irish Mass Media: An Analysis of Media Content from 2007-2012', Fetal & Neonatal, 98(1)
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  • Devereux, E,Haynes, A,Power, MJ (2012) 'Tarring everyone with the same shorthand? Journalists, stigmatization and social exclusion'.Journalism, 13 (4):500-517.
  • Devereux, E., Haynes, A. and Power, M. (2011) ‘At the Edge: Media Constructions of a Stigmatised Irish Housing Estate.’ Journal of Housing and the Built Environment, 26(2): 123-142.

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