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I need goods/services for my project what do I do?
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Results: QCA FAQ's
Results and Repeats FAQ's
Where can I find information on I grades?
What is an I grade?
Can I apply for an I grade for some of my last semester modules now?
I have I-Grades to clear, does that work the same way as repeating?
Are I-Grade results capped?
Can I take an I-Grade for an annual repeat?
Results: I grades FAQ's
What is QCA?
Why does my QCA score tell me?
Does my QCA from first year matter?
My QCA is below 2.0, what happens now?
MY QCA is below 2.0. Do I have to repeat the year?
There is a residual QCA figure on my transcript, what does this mean?
Results: QCA FAQS
Results: QCA FAQ's
How do I know If I have a repeat?
I have only failed one module, do I need to repeat this?
Can I move to the next year of my course with a deficient grade?
I have multiple modules to repeat, is this ok?
Are repeat results capped?
Do I have to pay to repeat my exams?
When do I need to register for the repeat exams?
Are there supports available to students sitting repeats?
When are my repeat exams happening?
I am hoping to travel over the summer, can I sit my repeat exams online?
What happens if I fail my repeat?
Results and Repeats FAQ's
Can I take an I Grade for an annual repeat?
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Dr Laura Linares
Language Outreach Programmes - Courses in Arabic language
Mark Ryan
Mary Hurley
Seminar: Exploring the Relationship between Reflective Practice and Research/ers
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Dr Laura Cahillane on Newstalk
Assessing the Contours of the Entrapment Defence in the Criminal Law
Jacqueline Dwane Bio
Stable Lives Safer Streets Project
Cutting Edge Research
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IRC Research Spotlight
ILA 2022- Committee on Complementarity
Arthur Cox Pride Event
Summer School 2022
Script Viewing 2022
Current and Upcoming Vacancies at MACSI
Current and Upcoming Vacancies at MACSI
EWCA 2024 Conference
EWCA 2024 Conference
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Help with Various Aspects of a Research Paper
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Grammar and Mechanics
Resources on How to Write Coherently
FYP Guidelines
Being Persuasive
I-Grade FAQ's
What is an I-Grade?
Can I apply for an I-Grade now for last semester?
I have I-Grades to clear, is that the same as a Repeat?
Are I-Grade Results capped?
Can I take an I-Grade at Annual Repeats?
Where can I find more info on I-Grades?
Simple Self-Care for repeats!
Learning Support Centres (Repeats)
Annual Repeats
Students with LENS
Drop-in Centre
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