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Caputo and related fractional derivatives in singular systems

Dassios, Ioannis K.; Baleanu, Dumitru, I

APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTATION  Volume: 337  Pages: 591-606  Published: NOV 15 2018

Modelling the efficiency of a low-profile nanofluid-based direct absorption parabolic trough solar collector

O'Keeffe, G. J.; Mitchell, S. L.; Myers, T. G.; et al.

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER   Volume: 126   Pages: 613-624   Part: B   Published: NOV 2018

Production of nitrate spikes in a model of ammonium biodegradation

Moyles, I. R.; Fowler, A. C.

THEORETICAL ECOLOGY   Volume: 11   Issue: 3   Pages: 333-350   Published: SEP 2018


Modelling hyaluronan degradation by streptococcus pneumoniae hyaluronate lyase

Mai, Vinh Q.; Vo, Tuoi T.; Meere, Martin

MATHEMATICAL BIOSCIENCES   Volume: 303   Pages: 126-138   Published: SEP 2018


Harmonic stability of VSC connected Low Frequency AC offshore transmission with long HVAC cables

Ruddy, J.; Chen, J.; Meere, R.; et al.

ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH   Volume: 162   Pages: 220-232   Published: SEP 2018

Characterizing the Analogy Between Hyperbolic Embedding and Community Structure of Complex Networks

Faqeeh, Ali; Osat, Saeed; Radicchi, Filippo

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS   Volume: 121   Issue: 9     Article Number: 098301   Published: AUG 29 2018

One-time phosphate fertilizer application to grassland columns modifies the soil microbiota and limits its role in ecosystem services

By: Ikoyi, Israel; Fowler, Andrew; Schmalenberger, Achim

Conference: COST Action TD1407 Workshop on Environmental Concentrations, Cycling and Modeling of Technology Critical Elements Location: Weizmann Inst Sci, Rehovot, ISRAEL Date: JAN 18-19, 2017

Sponsor(s): COST Act TD1407; European Cooperat Sci & Technol; NOTICE; Chorafas Inst Sci Exchange

SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT   Volume: 630   Pages: 849-858   Published: JUL 15 2018

Energy conservation and H theorem for the Enskog-Vlasov equation

Benilov, E. S.; Benilov, M. S.

PHYSICAL REVIEW E   Volume: 97   Issue: 6  Article Number: 062115  Published: JUN 7 2018 DOI:

Counter-current convection in a volcanic conduit

Fowler, A. C.; Robinson, Marguerite

JOURNAL OF VOLCANOLOGY AND GEOTHERMAL RESEARCH   Volume: 356   Pages: 141-162   Published: MAY 1 2018

A parameterization of the passive layer of a quasigeostrophic flow in a continuously-stratified ocean

Benilov, E. S.

OCEAN MODELLING   Volume: 125   Pages: 39-44   Published: MAY 2018

Stability of Bounded Dynamical Networks with Symmetry

Dassios, Ioannis K.

SYMMETRY-BASEL   Volume: 10   Issue: 4     Article Number: 121   Published: APR 2018

Sparse Power-Law Network Model for Reliable Statistical Predictions Based on Sampled Data

By: Kartun-Giles, Alexander P.; Krioukov, Dmitri; Gleeson, James P.; et al.

ENTROPY   Volume: 20   Issue: 4     Article Number: 257   Published: APR 2018      20040257

Stabilization of axisymmetric liquid bridges through vibration-induced pressure fields

Haynes, M.; Vega, E. J.; Herrada, M. A.; et al.

JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE   Volume: 513   Pages: 409-417   Published: MAR 1 2018

Can Large Oceanic Vortices Be Stable?

Benilov, E. S.

GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS   Volume: 45   Issue: 4   Pages: 1948-1954   Published: FEB 28 2018

Asymptotic Analysis of Boundary Layers in a Repulsive Particle System

Hall, Cameron L.; Hudson, Thomas; van Meurs, Patrick

ACTA APPLICANDAE MATHEMATICAE   Volume: 153   Issue: 1   Pages: 1-54   Published: FEB 2018

Changes in Speech Chunking in Reading Aloud is a Marker of Mild Cognitive Impairment and Mild-to-Moderate Alzheimer's Disease

By: De Looze, Celine; Kelly, Finnian; Crosby, Lisa; et al.

CURRENT ALZHEIMER RESEARCH   Volume: 15   Issue: 9   Pages: 828-847   Published: 2018

The philosopher in the kitchen: the role of mathematical modelling in explaining drumlin formation

Fowler, A. C.

GFF   Volume: 140   Issue: 2   Special Issue: SI   Pages: 93-105   Published: 2018


Lipschitz stability for a piecewise linear Schrodinger potential from local Cauchy data

Alessandrini, Giovanni; de Hoop, Maarten, V; Gaburro, Romina; et al.

ASYMPTOTIC ANALYSIS   Volume: 108   Issue: 3   Pages: 115-149   Published: 2018

Modelling the efficiency of a nanofluid-based direct absorption parabolic trough solar collector

O'Keeffe, G. J.; Mitchell, S. L.; Myers, T. G.; et al.

SOLAR ENERGY   Volume: 159   Pages: 44-54   Published: JAN 1 2018

2017 IEEE POWER & ENERGY SOCIETY GENERAL MEETING   Book Series: IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting PESGM   Published: 2017

A practical formula of solutions for a family of linear non-autonomous fractional nabla difference equations

Dassios, Ioannis K.

JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL AND APPLIED MATHEMATICS   Volume: 339   Special Issue: SI   Pages: 317-328   Published: SEP 2018

Modelling drug release from polymer-free coronary stents with microporous surfaces

Vo, Tuoi T. N.; Morgan, Sarah; McCormick, Christopher; et al.

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICS   Volume: 544   Issue: 2   Special Issue: SI   Pages: 392-401   Published: JUN 15 2018


Crystal Nucleation of Tolbutamide in Solution: Relationship to Solvent, Solute Conformation, and Solution Structure

Zeglinski, Jacek; Kuhs, Manuel; Khamar, Dikshitkumar; et al.

CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL   Volume: 24   Issue: 19   Pages: 4916-4926   Published: APR 3 2018

Sinking bubbles in stout beers

By: Lee, W. T.; Kaar, S.; O'Brien, S. B. G.

AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS   Volume: 86   Issue: 4   Pages: 250-256   Published: APR 2018

Subtraction multiphase CT angiography: A new technique for faster detection of intracranial arterial occlusions

Byrne, Danielle; Walsh, John P.; Sugrue, Gavin; et al.

EUROPEAN RADIOLOGY   Volume: 28   Issue: 4   Pages: 1731-1738   Published: APR 2018

Exact analytical solution of irreversible binary dynamics on networks

Laurence, Edward; Young, Jean-Gabriel; Melnik, Sergey; et al.

PHYSICAL REVIEW E   Volume: 97   Issue: 3     Article Number: 032302   Published: MAR 2 2018

Microbial dormancy and boom-and-bust population dynamics under starvation stress

Fowler, A. C.; Winstanley, H. F.

THEORETICAL POPULATION BIOLOGY   Volume: 120   Pages: 114-120  Published: MAR 2018

A stability result for a network of two triple junctions on the plane

Boutarfa, Bariza; Dassios, Ioannis K.

MATHEMATICAL METHODS IN THE APPLIED SCIENCES   Volume: 40   Issue: 17   Special Issue: SI   Pages: 6076-6084   Published: NOV 30 2017

Geometric relation between two different types of initial conditions of singular systems of fractional nabla difference equations

Dassios, I. K.

MATHEMATICAL METHODS IN THE APPLIED SCIENCES   Volume: 40   Issue: 17   Special Issue: SI   Pages: 6085-6095   Published: NOV 30 2017

Primal and Dual Generalized Eigenvalue Problems for Power Systems Small-Signal Stability Analysis

Milano, Federico; Dassios, Ioannis

IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER SYSTEMS   Volume: 32   Issue: 6   Pages: 4626-4635   Published: NOV 2017

Temporal profiles of avalanches on networks

By: Gleeson, James P.; Durrett, Rick

NATURE COMMUNICATIONS   Volume: 8     Article Number: 1227   Published: OCT 31 2017

Parameter-uniform numerical method for singularly perturbed convection-diffusion problem on a circular domain

Hegarty, A. F.; O'Riordan, E.


Data from the 2016 edition of Journal Citation Reports

ADVANCES IN COMPUTATIONAL MATHEMATICS   Volume: 43   Issue: 5   Pages: 885-909   Published: OCT 2017

Closing in on the best supraglottic airway for paediatric anaesthesia?

Norskov, A. K.; Rosenstock, C. V.; Leahy, J.; et al.

ANAESTHESIA   Volume: 72   Issue: 10   Pages: 1167-1170   Published: OCT 2017

On the Keller-Rubinow model for Liesegang ring formation

Duley, J. M.; Fowler, A. C.; Moyles, I. R.; et al.

PROCEEDINGS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY A-MATHEMATICAL PHYSICAL AND ENGINEERING SCIENCES   Volume: 473   Issue: 2205     Article Number: 20170128   Published: SEP 1 2017

Protective parenting may have population-level consequences

Donohue, John G.; Piiroinen, Petri T.


Electrospun API-loaded mixed matrix membranes for controlled release

Castro-Dominguez, B.; Moroney, K.; Schaller, B.; et al.

RSC ADVANCES   Volume: 7   Issue: 68   Pages: 43300-43309   Published: 2017


Harms of off-label erythropoiesis-stimulating agents for critically ill people

 Mesgarpour, Bita; Heidinger, Benedikt H.; Roth, Dominik; et al.

COCHRANE DATABASE OF SYSTEMATIC REVIEWS   Issue: 8     Article Number: CD010969   Published: 2017


Concurrency-Induced Transitions in Epidemic Dynamics on Temporal Networks

Onaga, Tomokatsu; Gleeson, James P.; Masuda, Naoki


Data from the 2016 edition of Journal Citation Reports

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS   Volume: 119   Issue: 10     Article Number: 108301   Published: SEP 6 2017

Numerical simulations of drumlin formation

Fannon, J. S.; Fowler, A. C.; Moyles, I. R.

PROCEEDINGS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY A-MATHEMATICAL PHYSICAL AND ENGINEERING SCIENCES   Volume: 473   Issue: 2204     Article Number: 20170220   Published: AUG 1 2017


Verified reduction of a model for a continuous casting process

Mitchell, S. L.; Vynnycky, M.

APPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING   Volume: 48   Pages: 476-490   Published: AUG 2017

Integrating sentiment and social structure to determine preference alignments: the Irish Marriage Referendum

O'Sullivan, David J. P.; Garduno-Hernandez, Guillermo; Gleeson, James P.; et al.

ROYAL SOCIETY OPEN SCIENCE   Volume: 4   Issue: 7     Article Number: 170154   Published: JUL 2017

Mathematical modelling of contact lens moulding

Murphy, Ellen A.; Lee, William T.

IMA JOURNAL OF APPLIED MATHEMATICS   Volume: 82   Issue: 3   Pages: 473-495   Published: JUN 2017

Carbon dioxide emissions from a septic tank soakaway in a northern maritime climate

Somlai-Haase, Celia; Knappe, Jan; Gill, Laurence

SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT Volume: 586   Pages: 485-491   Published: MAY 15 2017

Inducing truthful revelation of generator reliability

Devine Mel T. Lynch Muireann A.

Energy Economics

Volume 64, May 2017, Pages 186-195


Near-infrared monitoring of roller compacted ribbon density: Investigating sources of variation contributing to noisy spectral data

Crowley, Mary Ellen; Hegarty, Avril; McAuliffe, Michael A. P.; et al.

EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES   Volume: 102   Pages: 103-114   Published: MAY 1 2017

On the formation of fold-type oscillation marks in the continuous casting of steel

Vynnycky, M.; Saleem, S.; Devine, K. M.; et al.

ROYAL SOCIETY OPEN SCIENCE   Volume: 4   Issue: 6     Article Number: 170062   Published: JUN 2017


Interacting convection modes in a saturated porous medium of nearly square planform: four modes

Florio, Brendan J.; Bassom, Andrew P.; Sakellariou, Konstantinos; et al.

IMA JOURNAL OF APPLIED MATHEMATICS   Volume: 82   Issue: 3   Pages: 526-547   Published: JUN 2017


A decomposition of the Bradley-Blackwood paired-samples omnibus test

Hayes, Kevin; O'Brien, Kevin; Kinsella, Anthony

COMMUNICATIONS IN STATISTICS-THEORY AND METHODS   Volume: 46   Issue: 20   Pages: 9892-9896   Published: 2017


A soft sensor for the Bayer process

Cregan, Vincent; Lee, William T.; Clune, Louise

JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS IN INDUSTRY   Volume: 7     Article Number: 7

Published May 2017


Lipschitz stability for the electrostatic inverse boundary value problem with piecewise linear conductivities

Alessandrini, Giovanni; de Hoop, Maarten V.; Gaburro, Romina; et al.

JOURNAL DE MATHEMATIQUES PURES ET APPLIQUEES Volume: 107   Issue: 5   Pages: 638-664   Published: MAY 2017

Modelling Chemistry and Biology  after Implantation of a Drug-Eluting Stent.  PART I: DRUG TRANSPORT

Vo, Tuoi; Lee, William; Peddle, Adam; et al.

MATHEMATICAL BIOSCIENCES AND ENGINEERING Volume: 14   Issue: 2   Pages: 491-509   Published: APR 2017

Equivalence between Non-Markovian and Markovian Dynamics in Epidemic Spreading Processes

Starnini, Michele; Gleeson, James P.; Boguna, Marian

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS    Volume: 118   Issue: 12     Article Number: 128301   Published: MAR 24 2017

Optimising feed-in tariff design through efficient risk allocation

Devine, Mel T.; Farrell, Niall; Lee, William T.

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY GRIDS & NETWORKS Volume: 9   Pages: 59-74   Published: MAR 2017

Investment vs. Refurbishment: Examining Capacity Payment Mechanisms Using Stochastic Mixed Complementarity Problems

Lynch, Muireann A.; Devine, Mel T.

ENERGY JOURNAL Volume: 38   Issue: 2   Pages: 27-51   Published: MAR 2017

Specifying An Efficient Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff

Farrell, Niall; Devine, Mel T.; Lee, William T.; et al.

ENERGY JOURNAL  Volume: 38   Issue: 2   Pages: 53-75   Published: MAR 2017

A mathematical model for plasticity and damage: A discrete calculus formulation

Dassios, Ioannis; Jivkov, Andrey P.; Abu-Muharib, Andrew; et al.

Conference: International Conference on Mathematical and Computational Modelling in Science and Technology Location: Izmir Univ, Izmir, TURKEY Date: AUG 02-07, 2015

JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL AND APPLIED MATHEMATICS   Volume: 312   Pages: 27-38   Published: MAR 1 2017


A framework for analyzing contagion in assortative banking networks

Hurd, Thomas R.; Gleeson, James P.; Melnik, Sergey

PLOS ONE   Volume: 12   Issue: 2     Article Number: e0170579   Published: FEB 23 2017

A simulation model for the management and expansion of extended port terminal operations

Cimpeanu, Radu; Devine, Mel T.; O'Brien, Conor



An asymptotic analysis of the laminar-turbulent transition of yield stress fluids in pipes

Myers, Tim G.; Mitchell, Sarah L.; Slatter, Paul


Book Series: Journal of Physics Conference Series   Volume: 811  Article Number: UNSP 012007   Published: 2017

Existence, Stability, and Dynamics of Ring and Near-Ring Solutions to the Saturated Gierer-Meinhardt Model in the Semistrong Regime

Moyles, Iain R.; Ward, Michael J.

SIAM JOURNAL ON APPLIED DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS   Volume: 16   Issue: 1   Pages: 597-639   Published: 2017

The association between weight perception and BMI: report and measurement data from the growing up in Ireland Cohort Study of 9-year olds

Shiely, F.; Ng, H. Y.; Berkery, E. M.; et al.

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OBESITY   Volume: 41   Issue: 1   Pages: 46-53   Published: JAN 2017

Effects of false-start disqualification rules on response-times of elite-standard sprinters

Brosnan, Kevin C.; Hayes, Kevin; Harrison, Andrew J.

JOURNAL OF SPORTS SCIENCES   Volume: 35   Issue: 10   Pages: 929-935   Published: 2017

On the interactive effects of mould taper and superheat on air gaps in continuous casting

Florio, B. J.; Vynnycky, M.; Mitchell, S. L.; et al.

ACTA MECHANICA   Volume: 228   Issue: 1   Pages: 233-254   Published: JAN 2017

Stability and Robustness of Singular Systems of Fractional Nabla Difference Equations

Dassios, Ioannis K.

CIRCUITS SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING   Volume: 36   Issue: 1   Pages: 49-64   Published: JAN 2017

A model of flow in a sugar diffuser.Hocking, G. C.; Mitchell, S. L.,


Pages: 984-998   Published: DEC 2016




Limitations of discrete-time approaches to continuous-time contagion dynamics

Fennell, Peter G.; Melnik, Sergey; Gleeson, James P.

PHYSICAL REVIEW E Volume: 94   Issue: 5  Article Number: 052125   Published: NOV 16 2016


Visualizing voltage relationships using the unity row summation and real valued properties of the F-LG matrix

Dassios, Ioannis K.; Cuffe, Paul; Keane, Andrew

ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS RESEARCH   Volume: 140   Pages: 611-618   Published: NOV 2016

Stability of thin liquid curtains

Benilov, E. S.; Barros, R.; O'Brien, S. B. G.

PHYSICAL REVIEW E   Volume: 94   Issue: 4     Article Number: 043110   Published: OCT 21 2016

Small-Signal Stability Analysis for Non-Index 1 Hessenberg Form Systems of Delay Differential-Algebraic Equations

Milano, Federico; Dassios, Ioannis

IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS I-REGULAR PAPERS   Volume: 63   Issue: 9   Pages: 1521-1530   Published: SEP 2016

Maximum-norm a posteriori error estimates for singularly perturbed elliptic reaction-diffusion problems

By: Demlow, Alan; Kopteva, Natalia

NUMERISCHE MATHEMATIK   Volume: 133   Issue: 4   Pages: 707-742   Published: AUG 2016

Particle-laden viscous channel flows: Model regularization and parameter study

Ó. Náraigh Lennon, Barros Ricardo

European Journal of Mechanics - B/Fluids Volume 59, Pages 90–98 Published

September–October 2016

Analytic Loss Minimization: A Proof

Cuffe, Paul; Dassios, Ioannis; Keane, Andrew

IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER SYSTEMS   Volume: 31   Issue: 4   Pages: 3322-3323   Published: JUL 2016.

On the accurate numerical solution of a two-phase Stefan problem with phase formation and depletion

Mitchell, S. L.; Vynnycky, M.

JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL AND APPLIED MATHEMATICS   Volume: 300   Pages: 259-274   Published: JUL 2016

Stability of a liquid bridge under vibration

Benilov, E. S.

PHYSICAL REVIEW E   Volume: 93   Issue: 6     Article Number: 063118   Published: JUN 27 2016

Emergence of coexisting percolating clusters in networks

Faqeeh, Ali; Melnik, Sergey; Colomer-de-Simon, Pol; et al.

PHYSICAL REVIEW E   Volume: 93   Issue: 6     Article Number: 062308   Published: JUN 14 2016

Dynamical Systems on Networks (Book)

J P Gleeson, M A Porter

Published June 2016 Pages 5-18


A macroeconomic mathematical model for the national income of a union of countries

Dassios, I; Devine M

Journal of Economic Structure Pages 5-18 Published June 2016

The melting and solidification of nanowires

B Florio T G Myers

Journal of Nanoparticle Research Published June 2016 Volume 18 Issue 6 Page 168

Discovery of relict subglacial lakes and their geometry and mechanism of drainage

Stephen J Livingstone, Daniel J Utting, Alastair Fuffell, Chris D Clark, Steven Pawley, Nigel athinson, Andrew C Fowler

Nature Communications Volume 7 Article 11767 Published June 2016

Effects of false-start disqualification rules on response-times of elite-standard sprinters

Kevin Brosnan, Kevin Hayes, Drew Harrison

Journal of Sports Science Page 1-7 Published June 2016

A theoretical explanation of grain size distributions in explosive rock fragmentation

Andrew Fowler, Bettina Scheu

Proceedings of the Royal Society A Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences

Volume 472 Issue 2190 Published June 2016

Modelling vapour transport in Surtseyan bombs

McGuinness, Mark J.; Greenbank, Emma; Schipper, C. Ian

JOURNAL OF VOLCANOLOGY AND GEOTHERMAL RESEARCH   Volume: 318   Pages: 103-113   Published: MAY 15 2016

Effects of Network Structure, Competition and Memory Time on Social Spreading Phenomena

Gleeson, James P.; O'Sullivan, Kevin P.; Banos, Raquel A.; et al.

PHYSICAL REVIEW X   Volume: 6   Issue: 2     Article Number: 021019   Published: MAY

13 2016

http:/ 6 021019

Detecting heart rate while jogging: blind source separation of gait and heartbeat

Tuoi T. N. Vo, Mark McGuinness,  Alan F. Hegarty, Stephen B. G. O’Brien, Kevin O’Sullivan and  Sandra Healy

Mathematics-in-Industry Case Studies2016 Volume 7, Pages 1-12 Published: 26 May 2016

The Dynamics of Ascaris lumbricoides Infections:

Fowler, A. C.; Hollingsworth, T. Deirdre,

BULLETIN OF MATHEMATICAL BIOLOGY   Volume: 78  Issue: 4   Pages: 815-833  Published: APR 2016,

Asymptotics of a horizontal liquid bridge

Haynes, M.; O'Brien, S. B. G.; Benilov, E. S.

PHYSICS OF FLUIDS   Volume: 28   Issue: 4     Article Number: 042107   Published: APR 2016

The development of biofilm architecture

Fowler, A. C.; Kyrke-Smith, T. M.; Winstanley, H. F.


SCIENCES   Volume: 472   Issue: 2188     Article Number: 20150798   Published: APR 1 2016

Remarks on a Strongly Nonlinear Model for Two-Layer Flows with a Top Free Surface

Barros, Ricardo

STUDIES IN APPLIED MATHEMATICS  Volume: 136  Issue: 3  Pages: 263-287 Published: APR 2016

Bond Percolation on Multiplex Networks

Hackett, A.; Cellai, D.; Gomez, S.; et al.

PHYSICAL REVIEW X   Volume: 6   Issue: 2     Article Number: 021002   Published: APR 1 2016

An asymptotic model for the primary drying stage of vial lyophilization:

Vynnycky, M.,

JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS   Volume: 96   Issue: 1  Pages: 175-200   Published: APR 2016,

A rolling horizon approach for stochastic mixed complementarity problems with endogenous learning: Application to natural gas markets

Devine, Mel T.; Gabriel, Steven A.; Moryadee, Seksun,

COMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH, Vol: 68 Pages: 1-15 Published APR 2016

Semiphenomenological model for gas-liquid phase transitions:

Benilov, E. S.; Benilov, M. S.

PHYSICAL REVIEW E   Volume: 93   Issue: 3     Article Number: 032148   Published: MAR 30 2016,

Convection of a fluid with strongly temperature and pressure dependent viscosity:  

Fowler, A. C.; Howell, P. D.; Khaleque, Tania S.,

GEOPHYSICAL AND ASTROPHYSICAL FLUID DYNAMICS   Volume: 110   Issue: 2   Pages: 130-165   Published: MAR 3 2016,

Multiplex networks with heterogeneous activities of the nodes:

Cellai, Davide; Bianconi, Ginestra,

PHYSICAL REVIEW E   Volume: 93   Issue: 3   Article Number: 032302, Published: MAR 2 2016,

Bayesian optimal control for a non-autonomous stochastic discrete time system:

Dassios, Ioannis K.; Szajowski, Krzysztof J.,

APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTATION   Volume: 274   Pages: 556-564   Published: FEB 1 2016,

Effect of preservation state of planktonic foraminifera tests on the decrease in Mg/Ca due to reductive cleaning and on sample loss during cleaning:

Johnstone, Heather J. H.; Lee, William; Schulz, Michael,

CHEMICAL GEOLOGY   Volume: 420   Pages: 23-36   Published: JAN 20 2016,

Preconditioner for a Primal-dual Newton conjugate Gradients Method for compressed Sesing Problems

Dassios I, Fountoulakis K, Gondzio J

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Stability of basic steady states of networks in bounded domains

Dassions, Ioannis K

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A Unified Approach to Percolation Processes on Multiplex Networks

Gareth J. Baxter, Davide Cellai, Sergey N. Dorogovstev, Alexander V Goltsev, Jose F. f. Mendes

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