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Paper by MACSI Researcher announced as Highlight of the Year


A paper by current MACSI Postdoctoral Research Dr Iain Moyles published during his time at the University of British Columbia has been selected as a highlight of the year by the journal Studies in Applied Mathematics, for its novelty, quality and importance.

The editorial board stated that the paper by Moyles, et al. entitled 'Explicitly Solvable Nonlocal Eigenvalue Problems and the Stability of Localized Stripes in Reaction-Diffusion Systems​' "provided an explicit analytical characterization for the transverse stability of localized stripe patterns for certain singularly perturbed two-component reaction-diffusion systems, where the analysis of the underlying nonlocal eigenvalue problem reduces to the study of a simple algebraic equation in the eigenvalue parameter."

The selected Highlight Papers were published in a Special Virtual Issue of Studies in Applied Mathematics.

Well done Iain and the team in UBC!