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Industrial Mathematics Unit

The mission of the Industrial Mathematics Unit (IMU) is to provide mathematical modelling consultancy for industry.Industrial Mathematics Unit

Our core skill is the translation of real world problems into a form amenable to mathematical and statistical analysis. The IMU is ideal for companies who have a time sensitive problem.

The IMU is embedded within MACSI and was founded by Dr William Lee and  Dr. Joanna Jordan, it is currently directed by Dr. Kevin Burke and Dr. SinĂ©ad Burke.

We can offer support in:

  • Constructing mathematical models: We can help you formulate problems in mathematical language and build a mathematical model. Our researchers have experience in modelling systems in physics, chemistry, biology and even the social sciences.
  • Statistical data analysis: Our researchers have experience in analysis of scientific data, statistical and stochastic models.

To discuss how we can help you please email, including a brief description of the the problem.