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MACSI Seminar Series

The Mathematics and Statistics seminars are given by experts from all over the world, on a variety of topics within and related to mathematics and statistics. Seminars are held on Friday afternoons at 4 pm unless stated otherwise.

An overhead projector and projection equipment are available in the seminar room.

If you are interested in presenting a seminar or would like to suggest a speaker, please contact the seminar organiser Dr Romina Gaburro, or Dr Clifford Nolan,  Speakers themselves may also direct any other queries to the organisers or the MACSI administrator ( 

The calendar of events may be found here


Short Informal Mathematics (SIM) talks

SIM talks is an acronym for Short Informal Mathematics talks. We especially welcome non-mathematicians/statisticians! SIM talks take place every Tuesday at 12.30 in the MACSI seminar room, A2002.  Everyone is welcome to attend. SIM talks can be a great way to get input from mathematical and statistical modelling experts on a project.

Please see the SIM Talks page for more information