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Transition year Week 2019 - Blog Day 3 and 4

Transition years

On Wednesday we had an introduction to labour law & tort law. We found these classes to be very informative and detailed.  

Most of our day was spent at the mooting competition which we all enjoyed immensely. Some of us acted as time keepers during the competition. The competition gave us an insight into the advocacy side of a lawyer’s job. All of the teams were extremely prepared and presented their arguments with clear conviction. This was one of the highlights of the week for us.

In the evening we sat in on a criminal law lecture. It touched on an interesting topic. It dissected the term “insanity” and differentiated between manslaughter and murder, including the grounds where manslaughter could be considered rather than murder. We also learned that a person that kills someone can have their sentence lessened on the basis of clinical insanity or diminished responsibility.


On Thursday we attended a lecture on EU law, specifically on the free movement of goods. However, we did not have any previous knowledge on this topic and as such, we could not fully comprehend the full extent of what we were learning.    

We were given a talk by Eoin O’ Meara Daly also, on Youth Crime in Ireland. We really enjoyed it as it was relevant to people our age.

The students capped off the day by meeting with Professor Shane Kilcommins, our Head of School (see picture)