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Teaching and Learning Conference Presentation

Teaching and Learning Conference Presentation Teaching and Learning Conference Presentation

On Friday 14 May 2021, Dr Ger Coffey participated in the ‘Regional Learning and Teaching Conference: Celebrating Innovation, Opportunities and Inspirations in Learning and Teaching’ co-hosted by UL, MIC and LIT.

Dr Coffey’s presentation entitled ‘Field Trips to an Operational Prison as a Catalyst in Bridging the Pedagogical Gap for Criminal Justice and Sentencing Students’ was based on qualitative research into experiential active learning for students in a criminal justice processes and sentencing module. The research was designed to investigate the extent to which field trips to an operational prison could facilitate students in bridging the pedagogical gap between their academic knowledge and the practicalities of the criminal justice and sentencing processes. The analysis of findings based on qualitative data clearly indicate that students do indeed make connections between theory and practice through experiential active learning opportunities and this in turn facilitates their progression through the dimensions and levels of deep and flexible understanding.