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Summer School 2016 - 'Law in Ireland'

Summer School

The Law in Ireland Summer School provides a concise but comprehensive overview of the Irish legal system and examines Ireland in the wider context of the European Union. The course introduces the discipline of law through an examination of the functioning of the Irish legal system, sources of law and legal methodology. The course will begin with a brief historical discussion of the common law in Ireland. It will then proceed to examine the events leading up to the 1922 Constitution and its subsequent dismantling resulting in the 1937 Constitution. The organs of the state and development of fundamental rights will be the focus of this part of the course. The course will examine the European Union and its impact on Irish law. Students will be introduced to the main private law subjects including contract law and company law. The course will then examine criminal law in Ireland. Depending on the current research interests of the instructors, there will be an opportunity for students to engage in discussions on diverse areas, for example, sex offenders, women prisoners, the law and its application to sport and the protection of minorities under the European Convention of Human Rights. Law in Ireland will be of particular interest to Irish studies, politics and pre-law students; no legal background is necessary. The Course Director is Laura Donnellan.


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