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Stephen Strauss-Walsh - Postgraduate Research Conference, University of Limerick

Stephen Strauss-Walsh

Stephen Strauss-Walsh attended the 5th annual Limerick Postgraduate Research Conference at the end of May 2016 hosted by the University of Limerick. He presented a short paper entitled ‘A Study of the Victim’s Role in Early Modern Criminal Justice’ which roughly outlined a period specific history for victims of crime. The objective of the paper was to contribute a historically informed assessment of victim accommodation within the criminal justice system of eighteenth century Britain. This involved laying out the century’s way of knowing the victim and assessing how the period’s legal frameworks aided victim inclusion. The paper was well received by a historically informed audience, who facilitated amicable, insightful debate on the discussion topic and a general consensus that the governance issues raised in the paper could largely explain the regions maintenance of victim positive (status quo) rule of law during an acutely tumultuous time period.