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School of Law Welcomes Dean Strang

School of Law Welcomes Dean Strang

The School of Law was pleased to welcome Dean Strang to the faculty for a short term appointment. Dean Strang, who is well known from his time on the hit Netflix documentary series ‘Making a Murderer’, is spending two months at the Law School where he will contribute to the curriculum by teaching on a number of courses. Dean is also contributing to several extra-curricular activities, including acting as the presiding judge at the A&L Goodbody Moot Court competition for students of the Law School.


At an event in Plassey House, Dean was welcomed by Professor Friel, Director of Research at the Law School, who spoke of the appreciation of the School and University that Dean would be able to share his expertise and practical knowledge with UL Law students. Responding, Dean thanked the Law School for making this opportunity available to him and that he believed that he would benefit as much as the students from his presence on campus and that he looked forward to learning as much about the Irish criminal justice process as we would learn about the US system.


Dean Strang will be giving a major public discourse about the challenges and importance of providing a criminal defence at the University Concert Hall on March 1 at 8pm.