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School of Law Students receive Special Distinction Awards

Marian Dino

The School of Law wishes to congratulate two of our Law graduates who received Special Distinction Awards from President Don Barry at the 2015 Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and Interfaculty graduation ceremony.

Marian Dino, Law and Accounting, received a University Medal for graduating with the highest QCA (cumulative grade) across all Interfaculty Programmes in 2015. Marian is also a former recipient of the Holmes O’Malley Sexton Scholarship for entering her final year of study with the highest marks in her programme and winner of one of only six scholarships available on CRCC Asia’s 2015 European Scholarship Programme to undertake a legal work placement in Shenzhen, China.

Fellow Law and Accounting graduate Jay Curley also received the Cooperative Education Award 2015 for his work placement as a Legal Intern with Lynch & Kelly Ltd., Los Angeles, California, USA. These awards are a testament to the hard work and dedication of both Marian and Jay and we wish them all the very best with their future careers.

Photograph: Marian Dino, recipient of the University Medal 2015 for graduating in First Place across all Interfaculty Programmes, with Dr Kathryn O’Sullivan, School of Law.