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School of Law student selected for Los Angeles Summer Externship Program 2015



The School of Law is delighted to announce that third year Law Plus student Sean Beatty has been chosen as this year’s University of Limerick School of Law representative on the Los Angeles Sean BeatyFederal District Court 2015 Summer Externship Program. Sean will now spend three months this summer in Los Angeles, dividing his time between the Los Angeles Superior Court and Federal Court, working in the judge's chambers and participating in the preparation of legal memorandums.

Congratulating Sean in Limerick on Wednesday, 4th March, was Ms. Mary O’Neill of sponsors O'Neill, Huxtable & Abelson Law Offices, Los Angeles, California and former director of the Irish American Bar Association. Expressing his delight at having been selected to take part in the LA Externship Programme this year, Sean noted: ‘To participate in such a prestigious externship is a fantastic opportunity for any law student and living and working in America will be a great experience.’
The School of Law would like to warmly congratulate Sean on his achievement and thank Ms. O’Neill and her firm once again for their kind support over the years in offering this incredible opportunity to University of Limerick School of Law students.

Photographed (L-R): Dr Kathryn O’Sullivan (Chair, International Education, School of Law), Sean Beatty, Ms Mary O’Neill (O'Neill, Huxtable & Abelson Law Offices, Los Angeles)