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Ruhi Anand, Graduate Entry LLB, Presents at the TCD Colloquium 2017

Ruhi Anand, Graduate Entry LLB, Presents at the TCD Colloquium 2017

“Colloquium is an annual event organised by the Trinity College Dublin. It is an event that recognises, as the name suggests, the meeting of ideas through talking together. Over the years this annual meet has become an important in Dublin’s legal calendar. This year, there were speakers from around the world, including Ireland, France, Germany, the UK and Switzerland. The speakers presented papers on the Legal Accountability of the State to its citizens, Environmental Law, International Law, Company and Trade Law, Criminal Law, Historical Perspectives on Law, Law in the Bedroom, Legal theory and Citizenship Immigration and Refugee Law. Experts in the relevant fields chaired the panels. Many of the panellists were from TCD’s Law school.


I was one of the participants and it has been one of the most important learning experiences of my life. I wrote a paper that discussed the attitudes of Developing Nations on Environmental Legislation. The Chairperson was Mr. Suryapratim Roy. He is currently an Assistant Professor at the Trinity College Dublin and has previously taught and written on climate law, economics of regulation and development studies at the University of Groningen.

Environmental laws are generally seen to be a deterrent to economic progress. Less Developed Countries have on an average more severe environmental issues but they do not have the right mechanisms for combat. We could blame diversity for the lack of a uniform model of environmental legislation for all LDCs but there are other problems like demography, nutrition, and education that contribute greatly to the void. Economic development in most developing nations relies on the given set of natural resources. They use the economic concept of ‘best utilisation’, which also reflects the low level of Environmental consciousness in these nations”.