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Publication: Damages and Compensation Culture. Eoin Quill and Raymond Friel

Damages and Compensation Culture

Ray Friel and Eoin Quill have just published an edited book with Hart Publishing analysing  the relationships between compensation culture, social values and tort damages for personal injuries. The essays will clarify the relationship between tort damages for personal injuries and the social values that the law seeks to reflect and to balance; they will critically assess a range of actual and proposed tort reforms in light of how they advance or hinder those values. The role, or lack of role, of perceptions of compensation culture in such developments will also feature. Both substantive and procedural reform will be examined. Contributors from the UK, Australia, Ireland, Canada and continental Europe, including leading authors in the field of compensation culture, will provide a range of perspectives.The collection stems from the papers delivered at the conference on Damages and Compensation Culture: Comparative Tort Law Reform in the 21st Century, hosted by the International Commercial and Economic Law Group at the School of Law, University of Limerick and supported by the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Limerick.