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Professor Friel is published in the Law Society Gazette

Professor Friel is published in the Law Society Gazette

Prof Friel recently published a comment piece entitled Lingua Francua in the June edition of the Law Society Gazette. The article deals with the impact of Brexit for the Irish legal profession and in particular the changed importance of English as an institutional language for the EU. In addition Friel talks about the potential marginalisation of the common law in an EU without UK jurists on EU courts and raises the risk that Ireland may become the EU equivalent of Louisiana.

But Friel goes on to offer hope in terms of potential responses to Brexit by both the legal profession and the academy, arguing for increased presence in the UK, a G7 country with a market of 70 million people and a concentration on specialised legal areas which Ireland can claim a competitive advantage. In particular, Friel argues that IP and Data management law should form the primary focus of legal specialisation in an Irish context.