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Presidents Volunteer Award students

Volunteer Award Students

The School of Law warmly congratulates our  students who received the President Volunteer Award (PVA) from President Don Barry on September 25th. Thirteen students were honoured for their engagement in a wide range of volunteer activities such as working with UL's Community Liaison Office and UL’s Student Union Clubs. It is a remarkable achievement that so many law students were honoured at the  award ceremony and is a wonderful testament to the volunteering spirit of our students. As  Elaine Bradley, CEO Volunteering Ireland previously noted:  Volunteers are ordinary people who do extraordinary things.. They are the change-makers, role models, advocates, the ones who bear witness, the ones who don't give up, and we badly need their stories to be told so that the message can go out that our actions matter and that we can all make a positive difference in the lives of one another and the world we live in. Further Images 1 2 3