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NYC Alumni: UL Law Graduates Pursue Careers as Attorneys in NYC

NYC Alumni: UL Law Graduates Pursue Careers as Attorneys in NYC

The UL School of Law boasts a number of Manhattan-based attorneys among its alumni. In light of the recognition it affords to our Bachelor of Law degrees (Law Plus and Law and Accounting), each year a number of graduates undertake the New York State Bar exams. A recent addition to this NYC alumni is Ms. Lisa Collins, Esq – a graduate of the Law Plus class of 2015. Here Lisa tells her story of pursuing a LAW career in Manhattan following her graduation from the School of Law, University of Limerick.  


‘Having graduated from UL's Law Plus class of 2015 – and with the help of wonderfully supportive parents – I completed a New York State Bar exam preparatory course with Barbri in Dublin, commuting there from Mayo twice a month. After an intensive study period and 12 hours of exams, in April 26, 2016, I passed the New York State Bar exams and in February 15, 2017, I was sworn in as an Attorney of the State of New York.


I moved to NYC in August 2016, commencing employment with Douglas and London, P.C in Manhattan. In November 2016, I travelled with the team to Columbus, Ohio, for trial against DuPont, in which the jury ruled in our favour for $12.5 million. Since then, DuPont has settled with our remaining 2,500 clients for a grand total of $670.7 million. Being a part of something so huge right at such an early stage of my career, is something I will never forget.


Now, as a working attorney in NYC, I am involved in 3 additional litigations against other huge corporations. I have hard work DNA, the support of my family, and a little luck to attribute to getting me where I am today. Working in NYC is not for everyone. One thing you need to survive in Manhattan is an immensely strong sense of self and of purpose. It is a tough, political game where you must ask repeatedly for what you want, whilst remaining respectful and professional. However in NYC you need only open your eyes and ears and opportunities to further your personal and professional life will blossom before you


Living and working in NYC for the past year has been a phenomenal experience. I am an attorney today, but who knows where and what I will be tomorrow. After all, I am only 24 and in the words of my favourite Disney movie, “Adventure is out there!”’


Lisa Collins, Esq. photographed outside the Appellate Court in Brooklyn holding a certificate of good standing.


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