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LLB Graduate Entry Internship - Stephen McLaughlin

LLB Graduate Entry Internship - Stephen mcLaughlin

“Before the start of the second semester I did a two week internship with Leahy & Partners Solicitors in Limerick. This was my first time in a legal environment and it was a very valuable experience overall. My duties with the firm were mainly comprised of carrying out administrative functions like photocopying and scanning, as well as making trips to the Court and Limerick City & County council offices to have different documents stamped or to deliver letters. As I am new to Limerick, this proved useful in a way as I now have a better grasp of the city itself.

The other interns and I spent a day or two going through correspondence of an ongoing file and ordering it in chronological order as one of the solicitors had a meeting with the client on the Thursday of my first week there. I was surprised by how much information was on just one file and how much correspondence actually built up over a period of just a few years. The highlight of the internship was getting to travel to court in Ennis to sit in on a hearing involving one of the solicitor’s clients. Although the hearing was relatively short, it was good to see how the law is applied and actioned in the real world as opposed to how it is practiced in classrooms or lecture halls.

The experience with Leahys was very enjoyable and it has only motivated me more to pursue a career as a solicitor”.