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“Legal Research Methods: Principles and Practicalities”, edited by Dr Laura Cahillane and Jennifer Schweppe and published by Clarus Press.

The collection includes contributions from the foremost legal experts in Ireland on various aspects of legal research.

Traditionally, law students have not been taught legal methods or methodologies as part of the core curriculum, and this text aims to introduce students to some of the key themes and concepts they will need to articulate their methodology. Legal Research Methods: Principles and Practicalities is thus tailored to the needs of legal researchers in examining varying methodological approaches from a practical perspective. In addition to the principal approaches now commonly used in legal research (the doctrinal method; the socio-legal method; the historical method; the comparative method) issues such as participatory and community-based research, as well as empirical methods, are examined by leading experts in their fields in a critical but clear manner.

This book outlines the various methods, with authors drawing on their own experiences and expertise, as well as examining the benefits and pitfalls involved with each method.