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Law and Technology Lunch

Law and Technology Lunch Law and Technology Lunch

Professor Raymond Friel launched the first in a series of Law and Technology Lunch and Learn sessions in downtown Limerick on Tuesday September 10. The events, to be held in the Savoy Hotel between 12.50 and 2pm are aimed at the legal and business community and provide an accessible format for CPD and career development.

As Director of the International Commercial and Economic Law research group at the School of Law in UL, Friel talked about the New Frontiers in Law and Technology. In particular he looked at how the introduction of increasing computer driven human assistance systems from car driving to 3D printing to data analysis is shifting the locus of legal responsibility in ways which we can scarcely comprehend. In particular he argued that specialised regulation of these new technologies, up to and including Artificial Intelligence would be required.

A large attendance of more than 40 local practitioners resulted in a lively presentation and discussion which also allowed for significant networking opportunities. The feedback was exceptionally positive and the next event will take place on October 8, and thereafter on the second Tuesday of every month for AY 2019/20.