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Justice John Edwards - Seminar on Sentencing Guidelines 22nd April

Sentencing Guidelines

On Friday 22nd April, The Hon. Mr. Justice John Edwards, Judge of the Court of Appeal, delivered a seminar entitled “Sentencing Guidelines” which focused on the discretionary aspects of the sentencing process using a case/discussion format. The seminar examined sentencing law against the backdrop of criminal justice policy and concerns of public policy including theories of punishment, sentencing guidelines and the merits of non-custodial sanctions.

Dr Ger Coffey, Course Director of the LL.M./M.A. Human Rights in Criminal Justice masters programme, who organised the seminar said:

“Mr. Justice Edwards gave a very informative seminar on the sentencing process based on a case study which facilitated student interaction. The seminar examined underlying sentencing purposes and other normative principles, the relationship of sentencing guidelines and the proposed Sentencing Council to other criminal justice processes such as prosecutorial discretion and guilty pleas. It was an excellent pedagogical exercise for students linking the academic debate on criminal justice and sentencing issues with the practical realities being dealt with by criminal justice agencies and the judiciary.”

The seminar was very well attended by students and faculty who benefited from Mr. Justice Edward’s valuable insights into the sentencing process.

Pictured above: The Hon. Mr. Justice John Edwards and Dr Ger Coffey.