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Details of the new strategy and the associated Reform and Development Programme for 106 Garda Youth Diversion Projects (GYDPs) located around the country were announced by Minister of State for Equality, Immigration and Integration, David Stanton. It will begin with a GYDP Action Research Project that will work with 15 GYDPs across 10 counties over a two-year period in order to identify and disseminate best practice in working with young people at risk. The 15 projects have volunteered to work in a partnership with the Irish Youth Justice Service and a research team led by Professor Sean Redmond  from the School of Law in the University of Limerick.

Minister Stanton said: “Too often we get research reports which have useful findings and recommendations but don’t get implemented. The next steps with these research studies will be different. We have a determined collaboration of committed officials and local practitioners ready for change and a team based in the University of Limerick that is producing top-class practical research. I commend the 15 projects stepping forward for this challenge. A link to the article is provided below.