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Invitation Law Reform Commission

Invitation Law Reform Commission

Law Reform Commission

Invitation to Discuss Projects for New Programme of Law Reform

University of Limerick, 11th October 2017


The Law Reform Commission invites you to attend a consultative meeting in the Analog Devices building at the University of Limerick on 11th October 2017 at 5 pm where we would like to hear your ideas about areas of law that may be in need of reform.

The meeting forms an important part of the Commission’s preparations for projects to be included in its Fifth Programme of Law Reform.

We would particularly value your opinion and views on the areas of law that should be included in the Commission’s next Programme, and would be delighted if you, or a colleague, could join us. The meeting is expected to run until approximately 7:30pm and 3 CPD points will be awarded to attendees.

If you can accept our invitation and will attend then we would very much appreciate if you would let us know by emailing

We hope that you can join us and look forward to hearing from you.



Background notes

Under with the Law Reform Commission Act 1975, the Commission is required to prepare from time to time a Programme of Law Reform, which forms the principal basis on which we carry out our statutory mandate to keep the law under review with a view to its reform and modernisation. The new Programme of Law Reform will, as provided by the 1975 Act, be prepared by the Commission in consultation with the Attorney General for submission by the Taoiseach to the Government for approval.

The Commission will consider the proposed projects contained in submissions by reference to the following criteria.

(a) Public benefit: projects must meet a real community need by providing a remedy for a deficiency or gap in the law, including the need to modernise an outdated law.

(b) Suitable for a law reform body: projects should be suitable for analysis by the legal expertise available in the Commission, supplemented by  appropriate consultation with other professionals and interested parties. 

(c) Mix of projects and resources: the programme should include a mix of narrow-focus projects and wider-focus projects that are relevant to society, so that the Commission’s resources are not tied up in one project.

(d) Avoid duplication: projects should not overlap with the work of other bodies engaged in law reform activities, but should complement such work where appropriate.