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Innovative Teaching Collaboration between Law and Engineering

Eoin Quill

In an innovative initiative between Eoin Quill, Senior Lecturer in Law, and Dr Declan Phillips, Senior Lecture in Civil Engineering, students of law, civil engineering and construction management work together in a hypothetical court case featuring engineering issues.

The law students, who operate in teams, use their legal skills to represent either the claimant or the defendant in a compensation claim. The engineering and construction management students compile a technical report on the engineering issues and provide expert testimony in the court hearing. The collaboration has proved to be very successful in providing law students with the experience of working with expert testimony, while exposing the engineering and construction management students to the experience of compiling and presenting expert testimony in a court setting.

The hypothetical court cases will be heard in weeks 10 and 11 of this semester in the Law School’s replica courtroom.


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