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Guest Lecture on The Sentencing Process

Sentencing Guest Lecture Sentencing Guest Lecture

Guest Lecture on The Sentencing Process

On Monday evening 21st November His Honour Judge Tom O’Donnell delivered a guest lecture on The Sentencing Process to students on the Human Rights in Criminal Justice masters programme. Judge O’Donnell is a Judge of the Circuit Court in Limerick and also Adjunct Professor of Law, School of Law, UL.

Dr Ger Coffey, Course Director of the LL.M./M.A. Human Rights in Criminal Justice master’s programme, who convened the guest lecture said:

“We are very grateful to Judge O’Donnell who gave a very informative talk on the sentencing process and principles of sentencing, including the overarching principle of proportionality, and the totality principle when a court imposes multiple sentences of imprisonment. Students gained valuable insights into this important area of criminal justice and benefited enormously from the exchange of ideas during the discussion that followed the lecture.”

The event was very well attended by students who benefited from Judge O’Donnell’s informative talk and valuable insights into the sentencing process during the lecture and also during the Q&A session that followed the lecture.