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Guest Lecture - Freda McKittrick - Barnardos Ireland

Freda McKittrick

On Wednesday the 19th of October Freda McKittrick, Assistant Director of the Guardian Ad Litem Service at Barnardos Ireland, spoke to students in the Child Law module. Freda introduced the students to the GAL service. She discussed how the service provides children involved in family law proceedings with an independent voice in court. A Guardian Ad Litem is an experienced and qualified person, with expertise in working with children who is appointed by the Court and advises on what is in the best interest of the child concerned. The Guardian ad Litem also makes the judge aware of the child's own wishes. The Guardian ad Litem consults with the child, the child's family, and any other organisations who know the child and the family. These consultations are crucial to ensure that the child's best interests are presented independently to the Court. The talk is part of the AHSS Faculty Teaching Board funded Child Law Seminar Series organised by Norah Burns and supported by the School of Law.