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Guest Lecture on Defences in International Criminal Law

Ger Coffey and Noelle Higgins

On Tuesday 25th February, Dr Noelle Higgins, Senior Lecturer in Law, NUI Maynooth, delivered a guest lecture on ‘Defences in International Criminal Law’ to our LL.M./M.A. Human Rights in Criminal Justice masters students.

Dr Higgins gave an excellent lecture on the legal framework for defences in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. The interactive seminar included a discussion on emerging cultural defences and culturally motivated crimes. Students benefited greatly from the exchange of ideas and gained valuable insights into grounds for excluding criminal responsibility under international criminal law.

The interactive seminar was organised by Dr Ger Coffey, Course Director of the LL.M./M.A. Human Rights in Criminal Justice and member of the Centre for Crime, Justice & Victim Studies.

Pictured: Dr Ger Coffey and Dr Noelle Higgins.