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Guest Lecture – “Calibrating the Right to Confrontation in Criminal Trials”

Gest Lecture

The School of Law hosts guest lectures during each academic semester that allow faculty from other law schools and interdisciplinary scholars to engage with UL faculty and students to discuss research in progress and develop networking opportunities. On Thursday 19th November, Professor Liz Heffernan, Trinity College Dublin School of Law, delivered a guest lecture entitled “Calibrating the Right to Confrontation in Criminal Trials.” Faculty and students who attended the event benefited from Professor Heffernan’s valuable insights and expertise into the right to confrontation. This is a fundamental right in the criminal trial that includes both the right of counsel to cross-examine and the opportunity for the jury to weigh the demeanour of witness in their deliberations.

Dr Ger Coffey, Course Director of the LL.M./M.A. Human Rights in Criminal Justice masters programme who organised the event said:

“Professor Heffernan presented an excellent critique of the law from a comparative perspective in selected common law jurisdictions and the implications of relevant jurisprudence emanating from the European Court of Human Rights on this fundamental issue in the trial process.”

Distinguished lectures are scheduled throughout the academic year for the benefit of faculty and students and feature invited scholars, members of the Judiciary and renowned practitioners who represent the complete spectrum of criminal justice expertise.