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Graduate Entry LLB Internship January 2017

Graduate Entry LLB Internship January 2017

Joseph Devereux, Year 2 Graduate Entry, spent two weeks with DG O’Donovan Solicitors. Joseph writes of his experience:


“The experience during my two week January internship at Dermot G. O’Donovan Solicitors was an overwhelmingly positive one. Throughout the course of the two weeks, I engaged in a plethora of diverse activities, such as attending court, communicating with other law firms and having documents sworn, preparing and organizing legal documents for upcoming cases such as affidavits and reports as well as more general office work such as scanning, photocopying and sending emails etc.


The firm effectively engages in all areas of law. During my internship, I attended two criminal cases at Limerick District Court and also attended proceedings under the Child Care Act 1991 in Ennis and Nenagh District Courts. In the latter of these cases (at Nenagh), I assisted a solicitor with note taking during the trial and briefing witnesses before the case. That particular day stands out to me as memorable due to the fact that I felt actively engaged in the legal process – a feeling that was new and invigorating to me after several years studying law as a student.


The internship has effectively removed any doubt in my mind surrounding my ambition to become a solicitor and work particularly in the areas of criminal defence and civil litigation. I was very grateful for the opportunity provided to me, and I have no doubt that this experience will benefit me in the future”.