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Eversheds Seminar Friday 28th August

Margaret Gorman

On Friday 28th August Margaret Gorman, Head of Education, Eversheds will speak on the topic of Fitness to Study. Margaret acts for a number of universities & colleges and is assisting them in this area, in terms of policy preparation and advising on live cases. Margaret has also spoken extensively on the topic.

Date/Time: Friday 28th August at 11am
Location to be arranged.

Fitness to study has emerged as a rapidly developing and evolving area of law and concerns how universities and colleges manage issues arising with students who have disabilities and mental health issues. There is an obligation to reasonably accommodate these students fairly, lawfully and consistently. Institutions have to balance a variety of sometimes competing legal obligations in order to provide support to students and staff.
The areas of law that are relevant to this topic and which Margaret will discuss at this interactive seminar include:- the Constitution & international treaties, contract law, common law considerations and various statutory provisions, including legislation on equality, data protection, freedom of information, disability, health & safety, mental health etc.

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