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Legal and Ethical Challenges facing the use of drones in societyNew School of Law Logo

Although more commonly known for their use in military operations and counter-terrorism, the increasing civilian use of drones - from photography to environmental protection, from journalism to parcel delivery - presents increasing legal and ethical challenges for today’s society.

This conference will explore some of the most important issues facing the unique advantages that this new technology presents . Speakers from Ireland and the USA will cover topics such as: the impact drones have had upon US presidential power to wage war, and their increasing use in national criminal justice systems. Speakers at the conference will also cover maintenance obligations for drones and the regulatory framework for using drones and training people to fly drones. In addition, the impact of such drones on the rights of other citizens will also be explored including privacy and property rights together with a risk analysis of their use. Finally the conference will close with a look at an EU funded project for agricultural land management and perspectives from the USA on regulating the sector and the IP implications of drone technology.


Venue: Kemmy Business School, KBG10
Date: October 17, 2015
Time: 09:00 to 16.30

Cost of Conference: €80
Cost Includes lunch
5 CPD points available
Free mini drone to first 20 registrations!
Limited places available
To reserve a place: Email:
Drone Law Conference
School of Law,
University of Limerick