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Drafting the Irish Free State Constitution

Drafting the Irish Free State Constitution Drafting the Irish Free State Constitution

We are delighted to announce the publication of Dr Laura Cahillane’s new book “Drafting the Irish Free State Constitution”, which has been published by Manchester University Press.

The book challenges the myths surrounding the Irish Free Constitution by analysing the document in its proper historical context, by looking at how the Constitution was drafted and elucidating the true nature of the document.
As well as giving a comprehensive account of the drafting stages and an analysis of the three alternative drafts for the first time, the book considers the intellectual influences behind the Constitution and the central themes of the document. This work constitutes a new look at this historic document through a legal lens.

Mr Justice Gerard Hogan, who wrote the foreword for the book, has commented that the book: 'offers the first comprehensive analysis of the drafting of the 1922 Constitution and its aftermath. It is elegantly written by one of the finest constitutional scholars of her generation, Dr. Laura Cahillane. Dr. Cahillane's work is sure to be the definitive account of a fascinating and hugely important period in Irish constitutional history. Every page of this book shows the meticulous scholarship and measured insights of a constitutional lawyer and historian of the highest possible standing. We all owe Dr. Cahillane a huge debt of gratitude for providing us with such an engaging and impressive work which will make a further enormous contribution to our understanding of contemporary constitutional law and history.'