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Dr. Andrea Ryan Seminar at IALS, University of London

Domestic Violence In European Criminal Law

Domestic Violence In European Criminal Law Tuesday 26th April.

The European Council’s Stockholm Programme called for improvements to Member State’s laws and practices regarding victims of crime. The Commission’s response was the 2011 Directive on the European Protection Order (EPO), the Victims’ Rights Directive (2012) and the 2013 Regulation on mutual recognition of Protection Measures in civil matters. One year on since The Criminal Justice (European Protection Order) (England and Wales) Regulations 2014 (2014 No. 3300), the seminar examined how well these work, whether they provide added value, or whether the legislative package simply a sop to victims?

The seminar was organised by Andrea Ryan in association with the European Criminal Law Association (UK).

The speakers at the seminar were

Andrea Ryan, Director, CCJVS,

Rhiannon Evans,  Director of Services, Supporting Justice;

Sara Chrzanowska, European Commission.

Chair: Mike Kennedy, CBE, former President of Eurojust.