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Career Profile Eimear Cleary Associate with Arthur Cox


Eimear is a graduate of the University of Limerick (UL). She completed both her LL.B. in Law and European Studies and her LL.M. in International Commercial Law at the University. Following her Eimear Clearythird level education, she trained as a solicitor and qualified in January 2014. Eimear currently practises law in Arthur Cox, where she is an associate in the firm’s commercial property department.

"I decided to pursue my law degree at UL, as the university offers an extensive academic programme, featuring a state-of-the-art replica courtroom, a cooperative education opportunity, an Erasmus semester option, an active cultural and social environment and contemporary campus facilities. In my opinion, the Law and European Studies programme offers more than a conventional law degree. It provides an opportunity to study a European language together with history, politics or sociology.
On completion of my degree, I enlisted for the Law Society of Ireland’s entrance examinations and I proceeded with an LL.M. in International Commercial Law at UL.

The LL.M. course attracted me because of its focus on the understanding and application of commercial law in international scenarios. I believed that it would enhance my skill-set and career profile by strengthening my credentials for prospective employment.
In my experience, the LL.M. course was beneficial from both an academic and personal perspective. Through a combination of lectures, interactive tutorials, multi-jurisdictional legal research classes, comparative law dissertations and presentations, I developed further my analytical, research and presentation skills. My experience at UL prepared me to competently overcome challenges and embrace opportunities in my professional training.

I am now an associate in the commercial property department in Arthur Cox. I joined the firm shortly after I qualified as a solicitor in another leading Irish law firm. Arthur Cox’s reputation of excellence in commercial property impressed me. As an associate, I am engaged in the highest quality legal work. Multiple and diverse learning opportunities are presented on a daily basis. I work in a very stimulating, collaborative and rewarding environment.

I experienced UL as a vibrant, inclusive and supportive college community. I met fascinating people with remarkable stories, made incredible friends and encountered inspiring lecturers. In my opinion, UL not only facilitates education, it is instrumental in shaping character".