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AHSS Postgraduate Conference


The AHSS Postgraduate Conference is taking place today in the Pavilion on the North Campus. It is showcasing research by AHSS PhD students.  There are19 papers in all and 12 Poster YvonnePresentations. Congratulations to the Law Post Graduates who presented papers and posters. The following students delivered papers:

Susan Crean: "Examining the Relationship between Crime and Age" [Supervisors: Dr Margaret Fitzgerald‐O’Reilly and Dr Andrea Ryan].

Hope Davidson:  ‘"Decision‐making in dementia care: autonomy, capacity, and the legal doctrine of 'informed consent'’ [Supervisors: Dr Eimear Spain and Jennifer Schweppe].

Kevin Sweeney: "The Right to Silence: adverse inferences and the return to the 'accused speaks'’ [Supervisor: Professor Shane Kilcommins].

Yvonne Mitchell: "Sentencing Law and Policy: Mandatory Minimum Sentences in Ireland" [Supervisors: Professor Shane Kilcommins and Dr Laura Cahillane].

Norah Burns (CCJ, School of Law, UL):  A Historical and Case Law Analysis of the cases of forced sterilisation of Romani women before the European Court of Human Rights

Erin Branigan: A Right to Privacy Following the Snowden Revelations (Supervisor: Eoin Quill)

Mary Tumelty: Expert Witness: Roles, Regulations and Responsibilities [Supervisors: Dr Eimear Spain and Jennifer Schweppe].

Pictured are: Yvonne Mitchell, Susan Crean, Mary Tumelty, Hope Davidson and Kevin McSweeney