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Discipline Specific Peer-Tutoring in Academic Writing

Our peer-tutors are just that - peers! They're undergraduate and postgraduate students who understand what it's like to worry about a paper, to panic over deadlines, to wonder if an assignment is proceeding on the right track or to hit a writing wall. They won't write your paper for you, but they will discuss it with you, give you feedback, help you establish a structure and give you tips on strategies so that you can continue to develop as a writer throughout the years you spend in college.

You can book a session with one of our experienced peer tutors in writing, by registering at:

Students cannot request to meet a tutor outside the Writing Centre. Any such queries should be sent to

Currently, we are offering one to one assistance from the following peer writing tutors: 

Current Peer Tutors

Ide O'Sullivan

Idé specialises in Applied Languages, French and Academic Writing.

She is on secondment in the Centre for Teaching and Learning.


Lawrence Cleary

Lawrence specialises in writing for Literature Studies, Applied Languages and Academic Writing.

He is available by appointment.

Aoife specialises in Academic Writing,New Media and Sociolinguistics.

She is available by appointment.



Aisling specialises in Science and Engineering.

She is available by appointment from 10am-12pm on Tuesdays.


Seán specialises in History and Politics. 

He is available by appointment from 2-4pm on Wednesdays.