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How I Write, Ireland

How I Write, Ireland is a series of interviews that inquire into the processes through which, and strategies by which, good writers achieve both short- and long-term research, writing, and publishing goals.

For the developing writer, who may find that there are things in their writing/research processes that work, but that there are perhaps unidentified things not working too, these interviews may provide insights into what she or he might do differently and what they are already doing well. For some developing writers, hearing of strategies or process features that they had never-before considered, some of the interview answers may be eye-opening. For others, some of the answers may merely reinforce what they already know, yet have failed to put into practice. It is hoped that developing writers will find the subjects interviewed inspirational and worthy of imitation.


Stephen Kinsella

Dr. Stephen Kinsella teaches Economics of EU Integration, International Monetary Economics, Economics for Business and financial economics at University of Limerick. He published extensively on Complexity Theory, Health Economics and Economic History.

Dr. Kinsella has already, in his young career, authored more than four books, contributed chapters in three edited volumes, authored or co-authored dozens of journal articles, with as many 'works in progress', appeared on television and radio, published widely in the press, teaches through YouTube and Twitter and posts "rants" on his personal blog.

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