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The research within the Department includes projects of both a fundamental and an applied nature. The activity is disproportionally strong relative to the size of the Department, with approximately 90% of the faculty active as researchers, and a high ratio of postgraduate students.

There is an excellent record within the department of attracting postgraduate students. With over 25% of current enrolment at postgraduate level, currently the Department has 36 postgraduate students.

In terms of research areas, the main strength of the department is in the area of physics in condensed matter and its applications. Faculty are also members of other research centres and a number of our faculty are the founding members of the Materials and Surface Science instutute (MSSi).

The areas of semiconductors, copper metallization, advance nano materials, magnetics, and thin film science and technology. Other interests include complex systems, physics education, medical instrumentation and renewable energy sources. The work in these areas is world class.

The department continues to attract external funding though a variety of sources; European Union, Science Foundation Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, Higher Education Authority and Industrial contributions.

For further information on current Research Areas within the department, please click on the Research areas as listed