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Guest Connection

A guest is defined as a person visiting the campus who requires access to the university Wi-Fi system but is not a staff or student member (does not have an Active Directory account) or is not already registered on eduroam at another higher education institute.

Guests currently access the wireless system via the open unauthenticated access ulwireless. A new solution is being rolled out whereby guests will access the wireless system by connecting to ul_guest. This will bring the guest to the University of Limerick Guest Wi-Fi portal for registration.

Short Term Guest
This process is currently being piloted in the Library and Foundation buildings and will be rolled out throughout the campus in October 2019.

  • Select “Sign UP (Valid of 7 Days)”
  • Enter valid email address, accept terms, click Register
  • Proceed to email to validation registration

Guest Connection

Sponsored Guest
This process is currently under development.