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Mission Statement

Mission Statement
The Hate and Hostility Research Group was set up by academics in the University of Limerick to initiate scholarship in the area of hate and hostility studies in Ireland from an interdisciplinary perspective. The group recognises the importance of working in cooperation with community, civic, and government partners. Through cross-sectoral engagement, we endeavour to progress dialogue between all stakeholders in the area.
Our aims are fivefold:
  • To contribute to a deeper understanding of the specificities of hate crime and hate incidents from a theoretical perspective
  • To foster an appreciation of the relevance of intersectionality to hate crime and hate incidents with a view to developing critical mass among the stakeholders
  • To generate a body of empirical research in an area under-researched in an Irish context
  • To contribute to evidence-based policy and legislative developments in the area
  • To understand and develop civic and educational means to combat hate crime