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Gender, Culture & Society @UL Postgraduate Forum

The Gender, Culture & Society PhD Discussion Forum is a space for postgraduate research students to establish links across disciplines and faculties, based on a shared interest in the study of gender and sexuality.

The forum is an important academic support network for postgraduate students and involves a range of activities to support postgraduate research including:

  • Discussions of theoretical articles or book chapters of interest to members
  • Opportunities to practice conference papers and share issues relating to current research
  • Peer-led theoretical, methodological and philosophical discussions
  • Presentations by members of the forum on their PhD research, followed by discussion with members of the forum
  • Invited speakers on topics of interest to members (for example, in the past we have invited past PhD students to discuss the experience of doing a PhD and their experience of the examination process)
  • Support in the organisation of conferences and seminars
  • Advice and support with funding applications

The Forum is open to all postgraduate students across the university who have an interest in gender and/or sexuality.

For further details about the forum and registration, please contact: Breda Gray at