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Governing Authority Graduate Election

Election of Graduate to Governing Authority

Overall authority for the affairs of the University is vested in its Governing Authority which is appointed in accordance with the Universities Act, 1997. The list of duly nominated candidates together with candidate information is available online at Candidate Information 


Voting in the election will be by electronic means only. In order to vote graduates must be a member of UniversaL, UL's alumni online community.

Eligible graduates will need their UniversaL username and password in order to gain access to the ballot paper at VOTE

WHEN TO VOTE: Graduates may vote from 09h00 GMT, Tuesday 25 September 2018 to 15h00 GMT, Wednesday 26 September 2018. The Seánad Eireann Rules PR-STV electoral system will apply.

Results of the election will be posted on-line by 16h00 GMT, Wednesday 26 September 2018.

In order to ensure the widest possible distribution, please pass this notification to your fellow UL graduates.


Graduates eligible to vote in the election of one graduate to Governing Authority are defined as those who have received a degree or higher award i.e:

·Bachelor's Degree [Level 7, National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ)]*;

·Bachelor's Degree [Level 8, NFQ];

·Graduate Diploma [Level 8/9, NFQ];

·Master's Degree [Level 9, NFQ];

·Doctoral Degree [Level 10, NFQ]

as registered students of the following institutions:

·The University of Limerick;

·Mary Immaculate College (graduates conferred with UL degrees);

·St. Patrick's College, Thurles (graduates conferred with UL degrees);

·The National Institute for Higher Education, Limerick;

·Thomond College of Education;

·National College of Physical Education;

·Garda Síochána College (graduates conferred with UL degrees). 

As provided for in the Universities Act, 1997, graduates who are currently members of staff or registered students of the University of Limerick are not eligible to stand for graduate election to the Governing Authority.

*For the avoidance of doubt, the award of a National Diploma following a course of study as a registered student at one of the aforementioned institutions is deemed to be a Level 7 Bachelor's Degree for the purpose of voting in and election to the Governing Authority.

Further information on the Governing Authority may be accessed at

Have you got a question about the graduate election? Please refer to our FAQ section: FAQs

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