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It is the policy of the University of Limerick that students on certain programmes must be vetted in accordance with the University of Limerick’s Student Vetting Policy.  This occurs when the University places or makes arrangements for placement at a relevant organisation as part of the student’s programme of education, training or scheme, including any internship scheme, where such placement requires the student to participate in ‘relevant work or activities’ relating to children or vulnerable adults.

No, Irish is not part of the minimum entry requirements.  The language requirement for admission to the University is 'Irish or another language and English'. Therefore Irish may be used to satisfy the second language requirement instead of French/German/Spanish etc.

No, however the LCVP modules may be used for calculating points. These are calculated as follows: Distinction 66; Merit 46; Pass 28.

You may be able to defer entry to your programme for one year. You will need to complete an online application form.

There are no deferrals granted for LM101, BM BS Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (Graduate Entry).


On successfully completing the degree in Health and Leisure in Tralee, applicants are expected to have covered all the modules required by the Teaching Council of Ireland to apply for the Professional Master of Education (Physical Education). Applications are assessed based on degree results and interview.  Below are the Graduate Studies Office contact details should you wish to contact them directly.


Tel: +353-61-234377


No, points are calculated from only one sitting of the Leaving Certificate to meet entry requirements; however subject entry requirements can be fulfilled from more than one sitting of the Leaving Certificate.  The best six subjects in any one year are used for calculating points.

There is a Special Maths Exam (SME) held at the University of Limerick for school-leaving applicants in order to satisfy the specific subject requirement grade in Mathematics for programmes offered by the Faculty of Science and Engineering.  This is held at the University, following the publication of the Irish Leaving Certificate Examination results in August.

If an applicant does not achieve the required grade in Mathematics for one of the University's full-time Undergraduate Science & Engineering programmes, the Special Maths Exam may be sat in order to gain this requirement. Only the Higher Level paper can be sat in the Special Maths Exam and applicants must have achieved the required points for entry.


Yes, places in Psychology will be competitive as there are limited places. Progression in to Year 2 will be dependent on the basis of Year 1 performance.

Applicants may apply for an exemption from the second language requirement of Irish OR another language (excluding English) if they meet certain criteria.  

Mature students must apply by 1st February through the Central Applications Office and all applicants applying for mature entry to Nursing/Midwifery programmes must also register and apply though the Public Appointments Service (PAS).​​

PAS undertakes the written assessment on behalf of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI).  Further information is available at Careers in Nursing and Midwifery.  

The Undergraduate Admissions Office processes applications for full-time undergraduate degree programmes at the University of Limerick for EU students (or students with EU residency).  International applicants should apply to the International Education Division

There are 2 application routes to UL programmes for EU students (or students with EU residency). Most prospective students to UL make their application through the Central Applications Office (CAO), however some programmes require students to apply directly to UL through the Undergraduate Admissions Office.


You calculate your points by adding the scores of your best six subjects together.  The six subjects you are counting for points purposes do not need to include subjects that are specific programme requirements. If, for example, you are required to get a particular grade in Mathematics and you achieve that grade, but you do better in your other six subjects, then you count the other six for points purposes and the Mathematics requirement is still met.

If you took six or seven subjects in your Leaving Certificate and also took the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP), you may count your LCVP score as one of your best six scores, if it is better than your sixth or seventh conventional Leaving Certificate subject.

An additional score of 25 points is awarded for grades H1 to H6 in the Higher Leaving Mathematics.  The additional scores are only where it is included in as one of the applicant’s best six subjects.

There are a number of reasons why you may not have received an offer. Please see below to determine why you did not receive an offer:

  1. Did you get an offer of a higher preference from another HEI? If you did, you are not entitled to get an offer of a lower preference.
  2. Did you meet the minimum entry requirements for admission to the University?
  3. Did you satisfy the specific subject requirements for the programme? Details of these are available in the entry requirements section for each programme.
  4. Did you have the points required for entry to the programme? You can check your calculation of points using the CAO Points Calculator.
  5. Did random numbering occur? In some instances it is not possible to make offers to all candidates who achieve the same points score having satisfied all other requirements. To identify those for an offer, a random number is assigned to each applicant and the candidates with the highest random number are made an offer.
  6. Were there additional assessment requirements for the programme that you did not meet?

Please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office if you have further queries:


Main Building, Block E, Room E0-005


Undergraduate Admissions Office, University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland


+353 - 61 - 202015


Congratulations on getting an offer of a place.  If you wish to take up the offer of a place, you must accept your offer online.  Once you have accepted your offer, an orientation pack will be posted to your home address.  As a new undergraduate student, comprehensive information is available from our orientation website.

An email with instructions on how to complete the following will be issued to you after you have accepted your CAO offer:

  • Setting up your Student Computer and Email Account
  • Logging in to your Student Portal
  • Completing the Online Finance Task
  • Enrolling Online for your Programme

No, the Portfolio/Statement results are on a Pass/Fail basis and eligible candidates are then assessed on their Leaving Certificate and compete on their points calculation.  No additional points are awarded for passing the portfolio requirement.

Yes, Foundation Mathematics is acceptable in fulfilling minimum entry requirements; however points are not awarded for Foundation Mathematics. Applicants are advised to check specific programme entry requirements.

No, students opting to study Psychology on the BA Arts are not eligible to register with The Psychological Society of Ireland  In order to register with The Psychological Society of Ireland, graduates of Psychology from the BA Arts will be required to undertake a Master of Arts in Psychology. This is a full-time 1-year conversion programme.

Yes, the BA in Psychology and Sociology is accredited by The Psychological Society of Ireland and will allow you to progress in a career in Psychology.

Where you get a recheck of your Leaving Certificate and one or more of your grades are raised resulting in an increase in your points score, in circumstances where your points score is now above the cut-off and you become entitled to an offer of a programme at the University of Limerick (or another UL programme of a higher preference) you are entitled to be offered a place on the programme.

The Admissions Office will be in contact with applicants to discuss their options and advise accordingly.

EU applicants should make their application through the Central Applications Office (CAO). International applicants should apply to the International Education Division.

All applicants for LM026, BA Performing Arts are required to attend for an audition which is Pass/Fail.

Auditions normally take place at the beginning of April or in mid-July for late applicants and ‘change-of-mind’ applications, although the Academy is flexible if applicants have difficulty with these dates. At audition, students should show a good standard of performance in one of the five pathways opened to students in the programme. Students who wish to follow the World Music pathway can perform in any music or dance genre and not necessarily one associated with the term ‘World Music’. The audition itself takes the form of a solo performance of no more than 10 minutes duration, a 10 minute interview and then some element usually specific to the performance pathway the student intends to follow. For example: dancers will meet a physiotherapist in order to assess their physical suitability to the dance pathways; students for the vocal pathway will have a short choral workshop with other applicants where they will work on a single piece of repertoire; traditional musicians may be given a short oral test where they comment on recorded pieces of music played to them by faculty. Students who intend to follow the world music stream will also have a short oral test. 

Dates and times of auditions will be notified to each applicant.

EU applicants should make their application through the Central Applications Office (CAO). International applicants should apply to the International Education Division.

All applicants for LM099, B Arch Architecture are required to submit a portfolio which is Pass/Fail.

All applicants for the Architecture Degree must submit a portfolio of personal work. The portfolio should demonstrate the candidate’s interest and motivation for studying architecture and how work experiences to date supports this motivation. Suitable areas for the portfolio presentation are drawing, painting, graphics, photography, woodworking, ceramics, sketchbooks, design journal illustrating the design process followed in a project, printmaking, textiles, dress or clothes making, sculpture, computer game design, or any other visual media that demonstrate an interest, experience, and aptitude in creative and graphic areas.

Dates and times of submission will be notified to each applicant.


EU applicants should make their application through the Central Applications Office (CAO). International applicants should contact the International Education Division.

Candidates must hold a minimum 2.1 (second class honours, grade 1) result in their first honours bachelor degree (NFQ Level 8). Graduates of any discipline may apply.

For candidates who meet this requirement, GAMSAT (Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admissions Test) will then be used as the sole instrument to select students for the programme.


EU applicants should make their application through the Central Applications Office (CAO). International applicants should apply to the International Education Division.

All applicants for LM103, BSc Paramedic Studies are required to submit a copy of their full, clean B and C1 driving licence or a licence of an equivalent standard from another country.

Dates and times of submission will be notified to each applicant.

Round 0 offers are made in late July for the BM BS Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (Graduate Entry) and to those being considered based on their performance in QQI for those undergraduate programmes with a QQI entry pathway.

Round A offers are made in early July to those who deferred entry in the previous year and to those who are receiving offers as mature applicants. 

Round 1 offers are made in late August and are the main body of offers for those who completed the Irish Leaving Certificate Examination.  

In Round 1 the University makes sufficient number of offers to fill its programmes. In the event that the number of acceptances is lower than expected, additional offers may be made in Round 2. There are no places reserved for Round 2.

Additional offers are made in Round 2 to students who sit the Special Maths Examination for entry into programmes in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Students who achieve the required standard in the maths exam and satisfy all other specific programme requirements, minimum entry requirements and have the points required, are eligible to be considered for an offer in Round 2.