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2019 TUC Transition to University Course Information Sheet

University of Limerick Transition to University Course (TUC) 2019 Information

Please read this information carefully and keep it in a safe place to refer to
What is it?
The Transition to University Course (TUC) is a compulsory, residential,
orientation programme for incoming University of Limerick Access students.
Who is it for?
All incoming UL Access students are to attend this course. (Access students
going to other higher education institutions also undertake an orientation
programme. Details can be sought directly from the institution concerned).

When do I need to arrive?
Arrive between 10:00am and 1:30pm on Tuesday, 27th August 2019 at
Thomond Village reception. Departure is 1:00pm on Friday, 30th  August 2019 which is
the final day of the TUC programme.
Where is it on?
The Course is held at the University of Limerick.
Accommodation is provided in Thomond Village on the University campus and all students must stay for the
three nights regardless of location.

How much will it cost?
There is no fee for the Course. Accommodation lunch and dinner are provided
each day (see note on Food below).

Important Points to Note Regarding Grant, Fees and Accommodation


If you have not already done so, you should apply for a Higher Education Grant online on the SUSI (Student Universal Support Ireland) website.  The deadline for applications was the 12th of July, however late applications may still be accepted.  Information and the online application are available on http://www.susi.ie/.


If you are offered a place at UL and accept it, you will receive an orientation pack.  This pack will state the cost of fees for your course.  However, it is important to note that the majorityof students are entitled to have their fees paid under the Free Fees Initiative.  If you have a query regarding fees, contact the Fees Office on 061 213007.  Also, there will be an information session for parents and guardians at 2.30 p.m. on Tuesday, 27th of August (the day you arrive for TUC) and staff from the Fees Office will be present to answer any specific questions about fees.

All students must pay the Student Services Contribution of €3000, unless they have been approved for a grant from the Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI). Therefore, you should await the outcome of the SUSI grant before paying this fee.

If you have a query regarding fees, contact the Fees Office on (061) 213007.


On campus accommodation is no longer accepting applications for New Incoming First Year applicants and their waiting list is also full. Please recheck the website http://www.studentliving.ul.ie in case there have been any changes. However, there is information for off campus accommodation on this websites home page.  If you are having any issues finding this information, please contact the Accommodation Coordinator. There are also some alternative off campus listings available here: https://www.accommodation.ul.ie/Accommodation


Phone number: (061) 237000       E-mail:  accommodation@ul.ie

A list of available houses/rooms can also be requested from the Accommodation Coordinator Carol Moloney. Phone number: (061) 202331    E-mail: Carol.Moloney@ul.ie



Welcome Session
After you get checked in to your accommodation and register for the course,
light refreshments of tea/coffee and sandwiches will be provided from 1:00pm in
the Pavilion restaurant. The first session of the programme is a Welcome
session on campus on Tuesday, 27th August at 2.30pm in one of the lecture
theatres (We will be gathering at the village reception at 2.00pm to walk there)

We would like you to invite your parents/guardians to attend this session where
they will have the opportunity to meet other parents/guardians. There will be a
short talk for them and they can ask any question that’s on their minds without
you in the room.
The parents/guardians will depart at 3:15pm and students will attend lectures
and tutorials for the remainder of the afternoon. Students will attend a group
dinner at 6:30pm that evening.

Thomond Accommodation
Bed linen and towels (no tea towels or dish cloths) will be provided.
All students
are required to maintain the high standard of the accommodation and are asked
not to cause any damage to the property. Any damage caused by a student will
incur severe penalties and students will be held personally liable for any damage

Lunch and dinner will be provided each day but students are required to cater
their own breakfast and snacks. The accommodation has a full kitchen (no
microwave) so we recommend you bring food with you and prepare it in the
kitchen. There is a Spar close to the campus which students will be brought to
on Tuesday evening only if they need any additional supplies. One activity on
Thursday is cooking a group meal, so you will need to bring €2 to contribute to
the task.

Some useful websites
If you have internet access the following websites will tell you a little bit more
about UL and its facilities:

http://www.ul.ie                                       The main UL web-site
http://www.ul.ie/access                           Information on the Access Office
http://www.studentliving.ul.ie                  Accommodation with links to Thomond Village
http://www.universityarena.com             The sports facilities at UL
https://ulsu.ie/ulwolves                           Students Union


What else do I need?
Please bring a pen and notepad for the activities. We recommend you bring
comfortable clothing for the daytime activities and Sports/gym clothing as there
will be an option on Wednesday evening of attending the gym free of charge. If
you have a musical instrument please bring this with you also!
You will be spending some time outside so please bring a rain jacket and/or
umbrella. It is Ireland after all!

Issues with attending?
Participation in all aspects of the TUC course is compulsory and therefore we
need to be informed if you think there could be a potential conflict for any
reason (e.g. Debs, Medical appointments, etc). If this is the case for your Debs
you need to contact the TUC Co-ordinator Ronan at 061 234187 to discuss the
matter as there is a Debs and extra-curricular policy in place.

You are at the beginning of a fantastic experience – for some the idea of this
course may seem daunting, but come with an open mind and you will enjoy it.
We are just aiming to make the transition to UL as smooth as possible for you.
“You may even make friends for life from TUC. I know I did!” - Ronan